Kaputino® Meal Deal Rewards

We operate an online version of the Kaputino® Meal Deal Rewards. You can earn one reward point for each meal deal ordered.

This is separate to the paper based loyalty rewards card for Kaputino® Meal Deal Rewards used on our sandwich van round.

However, whilst the two schemes work independently, they operate on the same rewards principle: by ten meal deals and get one free.

The online version has advantages over the paper based scheme:

  • your total rewards are available to view within your account an on checkout
  • you will receive an email once you have reached the ten rewards to get the free meal deal
  • there will be exclusive online special offers

On launch, 1st June 2015, the online rewards will reward you with one reward on sign-up and another additional reward upon placing your first online meal deal order.

The paper based Kaputino® Meal Deal Rewards are not transferable to the online rewards scheme.

Order your Isle of Wight lunch here with the Kaputino® Meal Deals

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