What we supply

We pride ourselves on sourcing and using local and British produce whenever and wherever possible.

This includes Isle of Wight tomatoes, Isle of Wight Chilli, Hampshire Cooked Gammon Ham and Isle of Wight Free Range Eggs.

We seek to source and use produce of the highest quality to maintain the standards we wish to provide to our customers, we believe you will love our freshly filled rolls and baguettes and will keep coming back  not only to support a local company which in turn supports other local companies but to have the very best for your lunch without any compromise.

Where we cannot source and use local ingredients, we always endeavour to use British produce.

Our Suppliers:

House of Chilli on the Isle of Wight:

We use a variety of products from the House of Chilli on the Isle of Wight. The House of Chilli is a hothouse of chilli inspired creativity based on the holiday hotspot of the Isle of Wight. Their southerly location and tasty climate make for great chilli growing conditions. Their ai Jr (Aberdeenm is not just to help the hardened chilliheads feel the burn, but to offer a range of products suited to all tastes and to spread the warming glow of chilli love.

Click here to visit the House of Chilli website which shows a wide selection of local Isle of Wight products available.

Hamilton’s Fine Foods on the Isle of Wight:

The eggs we use for our egg mayonnaise are sourced from Hamilton’s Fine Foods on the Isle of Wight, we also source our Gammon Ham and mature cheddar cheese from Hamilton’s as well. Hamilton’s are a family run, Isle of Wight based wholesale and retail butchers who for many years have had the privilege of serving the local community.

Every effort to maintain the highest standard of food safety that the trade can offer is made by the company, with the entire systems of work HACCP controlled. To monitor these systems throughout the company Hamilton’s Fine Foods employ a qualified Food Safety Inspector who’s dedicated task is to ensure all members of staff are adequately trained and comply at all times with the systems in place.

Hamilton’s Fine Foods take great pride in producing cooked meats to a very high standard. All of their procedure’s meet the criteria of all EEC Regulations to ensure quality and control at every stage of production without sacrificing the flavour and texture of their traditional cooked meats.

Click here to visit Hamilton’s Fine Foods website which provides the details of the quality of their service and products available.

Isle of Wight Beef from Cheverton Farm

We source our beef locally from Cheverton Farm, Shorwell, Isle of Wight.

Visit the Cheverton Farm website to find our more about their produce.

The Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight:

The tomatoes we use are fresh Isle of Wight tomatoes, The Isle of Wight tomato company have been growing speciality tomatoes in the Isle of Wight’s fertile Arreton Valley for over 25 years. The higher levels of sunshine and the Island’s unique maritime climate create the perfect environment to grow the tastiest tomatoes.

When out of season, Isle of Wight Tomatoes remain our supplier using their tomatoes grown in Portugal.

Click here to visit The Isle of Wight’s Tomatoes website for a more detailed look at how they operate and how they grow the very best range of tomatoes.

Isle of Wight Cheese from the Isle of Wight Cheese Company Ltd

We are pleased to be able to offer Isle of Wight cheeses as part of our sandwiches, sandwich platters and mini rolls made by the Isle of Wight Cheese Company Ltd.

We primarily use Isle of Wight Gallybagger cheese

Click here to visit The Isle of Wight Cheese Company Ltd website for a more detailed look at how they operate and how they grow the very best range of tomatoes.

Wight Crystal: Isle of Wight Water and other soft drinks

We supply a range of Wight Crystal Isle of Wight water and other soft drinks, including Isle of Wight lemonade, Isle of Wight Cream Soda, Isle of Wight Lemon and Lime and Isle of Wight still water.

Click here to visit Wight Crystal website for a more detailed look at how they operate and how they source and manufacturer their drinks.

Scottish Oak Smoked Salmon from JR Ross

We source and use the high quality Scottish Oak Smoked Salmon from JR Ross Jr (Aberdeen) Ltd.

Click here to visit the JR Ross website for more details of their products.

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